Saturday, September 16, 2017

12th Annual Halloween Fanart Contest

Like a cursed killer, it's returning yet again- the most spooktacular Fanart contest in all the land, the 12th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest.
Every entrant gets a trick-or-treat sticker, produced by the fantastic Ferrous Enterprises. 

And more prizes await- one grand prize and two runner-ups in each category:  Funniest, Creepiest, Sexiest, Best Art, Best Costume, Best Comic, Extra-Dimensional, and Writing.

Runner up & grand prizes to-be-announced.

Catch the rules and details on entering here:

Entries must be submitted in the proper DA gallery by  9am October 30th, and we'll announce winners on Halloween Day. 
Prepare yourself- because there are things you can never un-see lurching onto your screen this Halloween.

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