Friday, May 4, 2018

Vivid Update: MAY

First up:  Brace yourselves. 


Patreon was strong last month, but not quite strong enough to hit that Full Time Milestone goal for May.  That means Prelude will update every *other* week, and there's no Chat 'n Sketch this month. 

Maybe next month- spread the Good Word to the heathens, that for a buck a month they can transform themselves from lowly freeloaders to glorified backers, masters of fate, and enjoy the weekly Volume 5 pages with dignity.

>end scene<


On the manufacturing front, Skirmish is now in full production.   We received glimmering hard-copy proofs, a redesign of the box layout, and the gave the green-light to everything.   Pre-Orders are now CLOSED.  I have to ensure we have enough games to deliver to our backers before I sell any more- we don't have many extras!

The printer says it's one of the most complex manufacturing jobs they've ever attempted for a game- their estimate is 1.5 months to completion.  I'm guessing two- either way, we're in the home stretch!    If you're excited, check out the official rulebook online:


All backer commissions from last month are done.  Posting to Patreon soon.   And we're knocking out our Big Commission Queue like clockwork, one per month- Slot #53, e-mail comin' your way today!


Coloring continues to illuminate the true horror of Santa Clause.   So far it looks like we're on track for October delivery.


The Test Run has been completed!   A Story Arc transpired with bloodshed, intrigue, and battle- and a whole lot of learning for me.   I'm doing a redesign of Faction War now- test players!   I'll share when it's done.

Instead of opening Faction War to the public all at once, we're going to phase new players in by invitation only.   That way a flood of noobs doesn't crash the system with too much chaos- veterans can teach a handful of new players the ropes throughout a Story Arc, and invite new players as the system solidifies and the story gains momentum.


I went on a ride-along with the ThoughtCops in their podcast, Episode 64:  I had a blast and there was much crude humor enjoyed by all. 
Although not everyone enjoys crude humor- one comedian, Asterios, is currently being sued.  But not if we have anything to say about it.

Boneitis and I are teaming up to save Asterios from his legal fees with a dakimakura body pillow that can only be described as "DEPRAVED."

I don't know how this is going to play out, everyone even adjacent to this lawsuit seems to get targeted in it, but I don't think we can be held liable for outrageous daki drawings.  I'll keep you posted. 


Speaking of Boneitis- his first graphic novel, False Start, has been picked up by Vivid Publishing.  He's prepping for a Kickstarter this spring / summer, so plan accordingly, and welcome the newest member of the Vivid coalition.


We're still planning on launching CouchCon!  Date to be announced.   It'll offer all the goodies we provide at normal conventions, but to everyone.   CouchCon will line up with the launch of False Start.


We hit the Full Time milestone a month back, so we're going to launch a new Dreamkeepers Caption Contest.   Stay tuned for details.


Speaking of that whole comedian lawsuit situation above- one of the people involved made a comic, and we reviewed it for Big Geeky Couch.  Posting soon.  Check out the youtube channel for more comic reviews and shenanigans on the couch.


It's under the hood, but progress is still moving forward on the Dreamkeepers sidescroller game.  The level editor is building features that will allow for easier adjustment of lighting conditions in the levels, and other stuff that I don't understand.  But it's looking like a pile of fun.   I'm hoping this summer it will be ready to start building test modules for the greyboxed sketch-characters that we have ready.



I hope to catch up soon, but want to get just a few more pages colored first...


We have a dealer's table at Anthrocon!   Boneitis has a table, as do Skidd and Phuufy of UberQuest, and many more- if you can make it out, come see us!   We're attending Midwest Furfest also, but I don't know if we can get a dealer's table there yet.   Fingers crossed.

So that's our rundown for May!  Thanks for enjoying our content- more on the way. 

Warm regards,
-Dave & Liz

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