Saturday, May 5, 2018

It's a Major Award!

We faced off against peerless competition- Boneitis, Lackadaisy, Always Gray in Winter, Teagan Gavet-

But when the Vivid readership goes on the warpath, they can move mountains. You've brought this campaign to overwhelming victory.

Thank you, and well done.

The Dreamkeepers series is officially an Ursa Major Award winner in not just one, but THREE categories:

Best Graphic Story (Graphic novel saga)

Best  Novel (The Wayward Astronomer)

and Best Published Illustration (Wayward Astronomer cover art)

Thank you again to the elite corps of readers who executed this campaign, and thank you to our honorable competition for allowing us to compete with truly great work.

This year is off to an exciting start.   Volume 5 unleashed on Patreon, a salvo of Award winning- and soon, Skirmish games will be comin' in hot.

More victories and more fun to come.

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