Thursday, May 24, 2018

Q&A Week 4

47 How much of the population makes use of their powers in secret, similar to Bobby?
Powers "abuse" occurs often enough that the issue stays relevant in the public mind.  At least once a year there will be a highly publicized crime that results in injuries or deaths, followed by a trial and banishment if the culprit is taken into custody alive. 

But the number of criminals using their powers on a regular basis to inflict harm on one another is relatively tiny- ballpark maybe 0.5-2%. 

However, the total number of people who use their powers discreetly is much higher- possibly up around 12%.

Powers use is strictly forbidden by law- which means law abiding citizens won't do it unless they're certain it's not causing harm, and they can get away with it.

So, in isolation and for various reasons, not often but very occasionally, some members of the population tap into their power.  A greater number than most would imagine.  Wouldn't you? 

38 Are there any other cities or dreamkeepers communities out there that Anduruna trades with?
Yes.  This is slightly Plot Vaulty, but I think we can get into it a bit.

During the Toll Wars, a significant portion of Anduruna left the city, illegally, to found their own settlement in the northern dunes.  To this day they are referred to as 'bandits' and it is illegal to do trade with them.

So people trade with them illegally. 

Margate and Talocan are among the primary locations for this illicit trade.  Ships are disguised as local vessels, officials are bribed, and at this point trade with the 'bandits' is virtually an open secret.  Law enforcement has their hands full with other concerns- and if they know somebody is breaking the trade laws, it provides them with a ready-made reason to conduct a raid any time they may choose.

36 What are the Powers of the Troika members?
I'll list some that have already been revealed in the GNS.
Igrath:  His wings generate energy shields that turn them into superpowered barriers, and also devastating blunt weapons. 
Vi: She can generate vortices.  It's easiest to do so in a medium like air, hurling dust devils and hurricane blasts to and fro.
Karo:  His four wings can generate and discharge lightning bolts.
Rumour:  If he touches something, he can generate a portal and reach back to retrieve it, on the condition that the item is still where he left it.
Indigos:  They can change their colors at will, having the same body pattern but inverse coloration to one another.  And, when they use their power at a higher level of intensity, one of their body colors glows, creating a protective energy barrier which provides a buffer to damage.  The catch is, whatever region is protected on one of them is vulnerable on the other.
As of now, the rest of the Troika are still huddling in the Plot Vault.

30 Aside from Ryuu-nekos, what other domesticated or exotic animals do Andurunans keep in their homes?
We depicted a little yappy fluffy thing in Volume 3... But didn't name it.  So, whatever those furballs are. Some of the background critters, like owlbats or butterfly mantids, could make for pets.  Transcopis slobs are probably the worst of all possible pets, I think those are generally considered more an animal that is used to suck scum off industrial pylons and aqueduct pilings. 

So, short but comprehensive answer:  I think there are many potential creatures and companions that Andurunans may have as pets, but we haven't depicted or formulated much beyond ryuu-nekos. 

21 Do the orphans see each other as brothers and sisters or at least a sort of family?
They would never admit it, but I think yes.   None of them fit in the best at school, one another is pretty much all they've got.
Gorse sees everyone as a dynamic duo.

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