Thursday, May 31, 2018

Q&A Week 5

32 What are the most commonly seen power levels and how rare are the high levels?

Among dreamkeepers who unlock their ability, beginning at a power of Level 2 is most common, and Level 6 is the most rare.   Most 'keepers that begin at level 2 can eventually train and end up with a Level 3 power, so Levels 2 and 3 are the most common.    I'd say level 4 powers are maybe one in ten, level 5one in a thousand, and level 6 one in a hundred thousand.

29 Are you guys comfortable having a sexually open and addictive audience like the one you have now? Does it freak you out sometimes?

Fanart doesn't bother us, whether it's adult or not.  There's plenty of Batman porn floating out there, too, but I wouldn't call Batman fans 'sexually addictive.' Once anything gains a significant following, rule 34 applies.  Especially if the characters are charismatic and, whether through appearance or personality or both, hold some level of attraction.  Policing people's private enjoyment isn't our job, so we don't feel the need to endorse or denounce fanfiction and fanart.  It's separate from what we create, but also an indicator of relevance.  We consider it best to take it as a compliment.

27 Is Lilith's power able to restore Igrath's eyes?

This question is skirting the edge of Plot Vault, simply because it could potentially involve things not yet covered in the story.  But I think we can give at least a basic answer, to explain the limitations of Lilith's power.  She can initiate growth and healing in damaged tissues, but she cannot generate entire organs and limbs from nothing.  Even if it's heavily damaged, there has to be something there to be healed.

24 What kind of training to the CCA shock troopers go through? Tough training like USMC MCRD? Or simple law enforcement like the police

Shock troopers go through a rigorous boot camp to train for a range of basic skills before they're officially instated.  Springer use, fire and movement, squad tactics, hostage rescue, that sort of thing.  This is on top of classroom and academic training on protocol, chain of command, and legal matters.   Officers selected for the training program will be training in boot camp for 3 months (with some leave days) before being certified as entry level shock troopers. 
Training continues throughout their career.  Shock troopers are 'on call' for a week at a time, and sleep at the local HQ.  Then they have a week rotated out of active service, where they spend time with family.  Their off-weeks are also used to take elective and mandatory training courses to upgrade, specialize, and maintain their skills.

22 What kind of picture do you enjoy drawing the most?

I think my favorites have become those that mix some characters in action with an immersive environment.  One of the major features of Dreamkeepers is the thriving fantasy world- so getting a fun emotive character moment, or spot of action, within a fascinating context, makes everything that much more engaging to me.  Especially when lighting comes into play. 

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