Sunday, September 18, 2016

Welcome, New Readers!

Many new readers have been touching base recently- you're delightful, thank you for the kind words and enthusiasm!

 Because of the surging site traffic, it seems appropriate to make an official greeting journal.


Whether you discovered us through recent endorsements, a certain controversial snow-leopard cartoon, or word of mouth, we're glad to make your acquaintance.

And we have stuff for you-

A lot of stuff.

You may want to save this journal until you have a nice chunk of quiet time for reading and enjoyment.

First, flip through our critically acclaimed graphic novel saga:

We started Volume 1 a long time ago- I'm striving to improve as the story advances, and now Volume 4 is updating weekly for free.

Also updating weekly is our Prelude comic:
It features the childhood misadventures of the graphic novel cast.   And there's more-

Explore the site for history and lore, there's a self-contained spinoff novel releasing soon, and a card game in development.

Thanks to supportive readers, we're able to do this while preserving the immersive reading experience on the Dreamkeepers site- there are zero outside ads.

You may wonder what keeps all of this art rolling out- and the answer is you!

For years Liz and I worked part-time jobs, pouring effort into Dreamkeepers to get the series rolling- and now it's rolling.

If you find some quiet time that our story can fill with enjoyment, please consider dropping a dollar into our Patreon.  I feel silly shilling it- but this platform really does make a difference.  It gives customers the power to decide for themselves what gets developed in entertainment- never again can dumbass TV executives cancel your favorite series.   Now you and your fellow customers are the executives.

And speaking of Patreon- we've hit that milestone again!

You guys are unstoppable!

This can only mean one thing- another free sketch stream.   We're going live on Friday, September 30th, to hang out, chat up readers and other artists, and of course pump out some free request sketches.

In the meanwhile- longtime readers have been asking about plush for years, so I should drop a reminder for our current Kickstarter:
You guys crushed the goal within hours of launch!   If anyone wants plush Whip, spread the word.  E )

And thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word- we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

You guys are brilliant.    Thank you for wandering off the beaten path- finding us- and sticking with us.

We're going to show you things you've never seen.

-Dave and Liz

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