Friday, September 23, 2016

The Long, Hard Road to Grunn

Alright, Grunnts.  Let's talk strategy.

With the main Kickstarter goal crushed- ( )

-Our next objective is stretch goal #1, which unlocks Grunn pillows.    Free Grunn pillows for everyone.

Free Grunn pillows for everyone to demolish children with.

The magnitude of the stakes here speak for themselves.  Failure will doom us all to an unthinkable future devoid of Grunn pillows, where smelly kids run free.

I have a three-pronged assault in mind:

1) Internal Sale Supercharge
2) Banner-Ad Blitzkrieg
3) Invitation Squad
4) Thunderclap campaign.

Don't bother correcting me, I'm in charge.

1) Internal Sale Supercharge:

I'm launching some exclusive offers from the add-on menu, accessible to anyone backing the Plush Kickstarter: Volume 1 is half-off for $10, and Prelude Collection hardcovers are at a colossal discount.

It usually costs $50- but for backers in this campaign, Prelude Collection 1 will be $15.  So $50 would net the book, AND a Plush Whip.

Offering solid internal sales will help existing backers snag great deals, pushing us all closer to free Grunn.

2) Banner-Ad Blitzkrieg
Not all browsers have an air-defense system- er, adblocker- in place.  So we'll do some carpet bombing and see what turns up.

3) Invitation Squad
The other tactics are mainly support- if we hit that goal, it'll be reader word-of-mouth that does it.  Backers in the campaign, set your shill cannons to 'stun.'  See if anyone you know likes webcomics, plush, or both- and then apply the thumbscrews until they join our honorable cause.   The more hostages-er- customers we can recruit, the closer we get to a glorious child-free future with Grunn pillows leading the way.

4) Thunderclap.  
Understandably, some people won't be able to join the Kickstarter- and that's okay.  We don't have to kill them, they can still sign up for the Thunderclap!  We'll share the link as soon as it's live.  It's free, and fabulous at helping spread the word.

So that's it!  Ill also be hitting our customer e-mail database with a brief note about our campaign.  If you guys want to launch any ops on your own initiative, go for it.  Just one rule:

It's gotta be fun.  E )


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