Friday, September 23, 2016

Morgan's Organs

What if Pixar's 'Inside Out' wasn't squeaky clean- but down 'n dirty?  After all, have you ever really looked at the inside of a human body?   Nightmare.

If that prospect entices you, then flip open Morgan's Organs.

It's the comic for everyone's inner adult child- the part of us that still knows, deep down, that toilet humor is funny for a reason.

The story follows Morgan, a normal guy just trying to get through life while his brain and his penis clash over control of his behavior.

His brain wears glasses, and "Pepe" dresses- well, the way you'd imagine.  They try to persuade various other organs to take their side in the conflict- and the result is fun.

We get a nice little slice-of-life social comic with Morgan, his romances, and his buddies- with a fun layer of inappropriate body-based humor unfolding in parallel.

The comic had a successful Kickstarter- h  And you can check out free previews here:

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