Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween Fanart Contest

Ghouls and goblins, the recurring horror lives again!

Prepare, for the 11th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest.

The grave- er, deadline- er, BLOODBATH- is scarcely a month away now.

Prizes and rules have been resurrected on our site:

As usual, every entrant may receive a trick-or-treat sticker.

And there's more- this year, we're trying something new.   David is going to create a new Dreamkeepers drawing- and you get to decide what it is!

If, that is, you can gather the most support.

Introducing our new game:  POLLMASTERS.

The readers will determine two factors for our Halloween illustration:

1)  Which Dreamkeepers character, and:
2) Which direction the illustration will take- Creepiest, Funniest, or Sexiest.

STAGE 1:  Character choice.

Create your own poll of character selections.   Could be on twitter, deviantart, wherever- as long as we can see the number of respondents.

On October 15th, share a link to your poll.   The winning character on the poll with the most respondents becomes the official subject!

STAGE 2:  Subject.

With the victim- er, character selected- we'll host a poll with the three directions:   Creepiest, Funniest, or Sexiest.   Once the poll expires, we'll have all the necessary info to create a new illustration for all of you!  To be unveiled on Halloween, with the Fanart Contest entries.  

So that's the plan for this year- all the spooky fun you can shake a crucifix at.

It's not too early to start planning for the POLLMASTERS contest- solidify your alliances, plot your desired direction, and hit the internet!  

This is going to be a Halloween to remember.

And don't miss our ongoing "Worst Slogan" contest for your chance at a free Plush:

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