Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Volume 4 sales: Live!

At long last, the Kickstarter has been delivered- so it's time to officially open Volume 4 sales to the public!  Get 'em while they're hot:

Volume 4, the Prelude Collection, and more now have hard-copies and downloads available for purchase.   When Volume 5 nears completion, we'll begin posting V4 for free on the Dreamkeepers site.

And speaking of Volume 5- we're in for an exciting year!

The V4 Kickstarter was amazingly successful- but to deliver, most of the proceeds went towards inventory and fulfillment costs.  I'll post a breakdown of expenses after I get caught up on my accounting work.  

So to hopefully maintain continuous production on Volume 5, later this month we're launching a Patreon!  And not just for V5- also supporting the development of test assets for a  prospective Dreamkeepers video game.

I think 2016 holds a lot of creative firepower.

In addition to a Patreon, Vivid is planning an assault to take the retail world by storm.  With help from readers and coordinated campaigns, we'll be aiming to penetrate libraries, comic shops, book stores, and beyond.    Not only with Dreamkeepers, but with the latest Vivid title, UberQuest- and more in the works.

Stay tuned here for more updates- things are going to get interesting.

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