Sunday, January 24, 2016

Faction Contest 2016


This February online, it's war.

Welcome to the #Dreamkeepers Faction Contest!

We're launching a no-holds-barred social media event, with hundreds of free books going to the victors.  

The game is simple:

There are four factions.

Nightmares, Troika, CCA, and Neon Knives.

Join your favorite faction- and then recruit to make it the strongest!

On  March 1st, we'll host links to a survey.  Vote for your faction.  The faction with the most votes by midnight wins.

One free physical copy of Volume 1 will go out to the individuals of the winning faction, or at least to the 500 who voted first.  

So the game is simple- what about the rules?

THERE ARE NONE.  No tactic is too bold, no meme too dank.

Do what you gotta do.  Use the #Dreamkeepers hashtag to coordinate your efforts, assess the progress of your competitors, and demonstrate why your faction trumps theirs.

We'll be working to get new faces in that hashtag, so it's a prime target for recruiting to your team.  

Only one faction will prevail.  But we have a list of Honorable Mention awards- and if your faction went down in flames, you're eligible to snag one!

AWARD:  Most Epically Failed post

AWARD:  Best Diss of an opposing faction

AWARD:  Best Comeback

AWARD:  Best use of a Meme

AWARD:  Most original new Meme

AWARD:  Most Frantic

AWARD:  Most Retweeted post in #Dreamkeepers

AWARD:  Most 'Liked'  post in #Dreamkeepers

AWARD:  Most Audacious Infiltration of a comment area

So what's the official, condoned kickoff date for this contest?  Read the rules.  Game on!

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