Friday, January 15, 2016


The video for the Dreamkeepers Patreon is rendering- but before it launches, I wanted to drop some updates.

Volume 4 Kickstarter:  Delivered.  I'm checking Kickstarter messages periodically to handle any customer service issues that crop up.  V4 is now available here:  And we have a cost breakdown for the Kickstarter here:

Halloween contest:  The Kickstarter swamped me, but I haven't forgotten!   I'm ordering stickers and logging addresses now, so prizes will be heading out this winter.   Because nobody expects Halloween in winter.

Video game:  I haven't had time to work on it lately, but if all goes to plan the Patreon will kick things into gear.

Commissions:  Still have my backlogged que.  I'm in the middle of a few that I plan to finish this month, to begin getting caught up.  Still wayyy behind on posting finished pieces.  I offered a refund to everyone on the wait list, because damn, it's been awhile- but people seem content to wait.  Looking forward to getting organized and posting some long overdue art.

I'm still behind on e-mails, but planning to get caught up once the Patreon is live.  Had to get that in the works so we can develop an idea of what 2016 is gonna look like.

Watch here for the announcement to drop!

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