Friday, January 1, 2016

Kickstarter Update 31: FINISH THEM.

Mailing update:

We're (almost) done!

I've been packaging relentlessly- making doodles in thousands of books and mailing over five hundred custom-assembled packages turns out to be a good deal of work.

But we did it.

Every deliverable Kickstarter order has now been packaged, posted, and is on the way.

With a few exceptions:

To get everything  delivered as fast as possible, I sacrificed checking e-mails and messages.   Stopping to handle one custom issue doesn't seem like much, but multiply that exponentially, and it's like throwing a thousand random hurdles in the path of a marathon runner.  

I figured it would be most efficient to mail everything that requires no correspondence, and then tackle the stragglers all at once at the end here.  

So as of Monday, backer packages will either be arrived, en-route, or they'll have a Kickstarter message from me getting the final info needed to deliver.

Except for people who haven't yet replied to their surveys- it's strange, every Kickstarter there are a few people who seem to vanish without filling it out.  I need your address!   I have stuff to give you!

Also, a request:  Anyone who receives their order but has an issue with it, like significant damage, message me here in Kickstarter about it.   I can stay on top of messages in one place- but our gmail has two months worth of unread notes, and the art accounts and facebook... Egads.   I may need to hire an archeologist if I ever want to uncover the secrets therein.

So, customer service messages regarding your order:  Send them to me in Kickstarter!   Thank you- if something arrived broken, tell me, and we can get it taken care of for you.   8 )

Time for meandering rambles...  It really has been a massive volume of work to mail so many orders.   I like having so many options and opportunities to personalize things, but at this scale it begins to obstruct forward motion on the series itself.   Next Kickstarter, I may have to cap personalized orders at 300, and use Amazon or something to fulfill the rest.

And I will note- you guys have been incredible throughout this entire endeavor.  There have been so many kind notes and words of encouragement tucked into the survey notes as I go through mailing- and it really helps, having  those nuggets of appreciation and enthusiasm shared throughout the experience.  It's reassuring to be reminded that all the hours of packages and envelopes have a point- and it's you.  

Thank you everyone for being so incredible and supportive, you're spectacular.

Once I finish my customer-service lap, I'll post another update here about the New Year.   I'm bursting at the seams to break ground on the next book- and we have plans to launch a Patreon that will help us take Dreamkeepers to an entirely new level.

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MasterFuton said...

Got my package on Christmas Day! Thanks a ton!