Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Between the Pages: Make Your Own Dreamkeeper Dolls - DIY Viriathus Vi

This is the first basic guide to customizing pre-existing toys to look like Dreamkeeper toys.
The first character I'll be demonstrating is Vi.

I learned these skills at a young age by altering Mcdonald’s toys to be more accurate- my apologizes, World.  Making Vi is a great beginner doll project: you need to paint, sculpt, and use a power drill to complete this doll.  She will likely need a doll stand when complete, depending on how you sculpt the toes.

The doll parts needed are:
1 Monster High Draculaura
1 Disney Frozen Elsa
1 piece of pink feather boa
(Only Bratz and Monster High clothing will fit Vi.  I’d look for anything camouflage or trendy, the clothing must be on the doll before you sculpt her feet.)

The extra tools are:
Paint colors - tan, pink, black, white, and brown
Super sculpey
A sanding/drilling tool, like a Dremel power tool
Super glue
Tongs or tweezers
Hot water
A heat gun
finishing spray
Plastic wrap

1.  Using hot water, dip the two dolls to remove the heads, keeping the pink body’s neck swivel intact.  Keep the pink body and Elsa's head.  

Remove the hair from Elsa by the following tutorial:

2.  Swivel the legs around to create a digigrade leg, one of Vi’s trademark features.  This is why I chose a Monster High body; one detail is that the doll will only be able to stand.

Use the Dremel to sand down the heel and toes, as well as Elsa’s ears.  Cut off the fifth finger with scissors, Vi only needs four digits.  Switch the Dremel to a drill bit and drill a hole in her back for a tail, slightly above her pant line.  This is what we have, with painted hands:

3. Take a piece of pink feather boa and run black paint down the side.  Tape one end of it when dry.   Super glue the strip into the doll’s drilled back.

4. Sculpt simple hair and ears onto the head, as well as side cheeks.  Build larger legs and toes onto the existing nubs and use the heat gun to harden the clay.  Be sure not to melt the face.  Superglue may be needed to keep the clay attached once hardened.  I drew her patch lines on with a marker in these photos, some of the clay is burnt from the heat gun.  This isn't a problem, we'll be painting over it.

5. Paint the face and legs, beginning with the inner ears and moving to the darker patches.

6.  At this point, your Vi is finished, except for a paint sealer.  If you choose a spray for your sealer, as appose to a brush-on (I used a gloss to look toy-like) wrap your doll in plastic wrap for the spraying in order to protect the clothing, tail, and body.

This is your completed doll.

The extra accessories: the mini rocket launcher, the pink Barbie goggles (painted) and ammo round belt were found on eBay auctions.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you're inspired to customize your own toys and dolls.
The next character I'll be customizing is Wisp.


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