Thursday, November 13, 2014


Volume 4 Sneak Peek art.  Don't miss the book release- sign up for the Newsletter:

Ah, the Foundation...  This was a blast to shade, just playing with a carnival of colored lights.  Actually, this image would be great to use in a tutorial on shading sometime- I can turn the different colored spotlights on and off in the photoshop layers, it's quite fun.

I can't afford to take the time for tutorials at present- however, I've been getting a lot folks suggesting I start a Patreon.  I've been hesitant thus far, but if it frees me up to make more content, maybe it would be a good idea.

If I did have more time for video tutorials, what would you guys like to see?  I was thinking of a perspective tutorial, a lighting tutorial- I've had an expressions tutorial suggested, are there other topics you would find helpful?

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