Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review- Chinese Zodiac Furry

Awhile back Jilo agreed to post a review of Dreamkeepers Volume 3- and seeing as how he's recently completed a book of his own, I'm pleased to return the favor.

First off, a gentlemanly warning:


The book is unapologetic erotica, so it (and links below) are NSFW.  ...Pretty sure that stands for "Nice to Show Fellow Workers."

Given it's an adult book, time for some Q&A.  What happens when a snake catches a frog, a goat summons a demon, and two chickens get in a fight?

...If your answer was 'sex,' congratulations.  You've made it to the next round.

For those who enjoy adult furry art, this book is a find.

The general idea is built upon the Chinese zodiac- there are twelve stories to correspond with the different symbolic animals, eleven text and one comic.  And the text stories are all accompanied with dynamic full-page illustrations.  You can see art samples from the book here:

The narratives cover a wide range of sexual tastes and scenarios- but they're all written in first person, as though narrated or transcribed by the character in question.  Admittedly the prose isn't flawless- the nitpicky editor in me wants to go in and bulldoze adjectives.   But considering the stories are being narrated by the characters, the casual tone ends up lending authenticity to the sultry tales.
Additionally, Jilo is from Rio de Janeiro, with English as a learned language.  And if you compare his aptitude for English against mine for Spanish, well...  No contest, he wins.

And shining through the stories is a pure sensual joy.  With so many puritanical witch hunts and shaming campaigns raging across the nets, it's surprisingly refreshing to come across something that celebrates esoteric erotic adventure without reservation.

The stories actually strike a difficult balance.  They manage to flesh out the porn with enough character and motive to give it substance- while never wandering so far that the narrative forgets its purpose and loses heat.  With a dozen stories and drawings to spare, there's a lot of content- clocking in at 160 pages.

If you'd like to see more, Jilo's art account can be found here:

And his book can be purchased here:

Just be sure to close the door behind you before cracking open the covers.

Because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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