Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bracket 2 Tournament Schedule

As the Kickstarter for the all-new Dreamkeepers card game draws near- possibly February or March- our tournament rages on.  The champion will have their character drawn on one of the cards.

The final match of Bracket 1 resulted in a 112 point victory for Andy Valdric-
Neilo Rosmir: 64 votes
Andy Valdric: 72 votes

Full character roster:

Out of 50, 24 characters fought their way to Bracket 2.  The match schedule for the rest of the tournament is now slated- see the graphic for dates.

There will be one tweak to the rules taking effect in Bracket 2:  Contestants must provide Battle Text of 300 words or less for their match, or they forfeit.   They can still have an additional web link- but that's extra, and not a substitute for the primary Battle Text.  I want to keep the tournament accessible to spectators, and respect the efforts of players who work to craft a concise entry.

Art for the card game is continuing to refine- Vi was just revealed as one of the core character decks:

Enjoy the tournament while the game approaches completion.

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