Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Semi-Finals and updates

Bracket 4 of the Tournament is set.  Semi-final match dates are posted- and we're changing a few things up.

For Bracket 4 matches, the word limit for Battle Text will raise from 300 to 600 words.  Now that the stakes are raised, and the field narrowed, contestants have more latitude to flesh out complex fight strategies.

And one of these players will be in the end match- whoever scores the highest in the Semi-finals will get a bye for the finals.

Match results will update here:  http://dreamkeepers.deviantart.com/art/Tournament-Bracket-Updates-657347416

And speaking of updates- Volume 5 Chapter 14 pencils are half completed.   With that milestone hit, I'll pivot to focus on completing art for the upcoming DK Card Game Kickstarter, as well as gearing up to mail fluffy Whips to our plush backers.  

This year is launching magnificently, thank you to everyone for helping make it so fun!

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