Thursday, June 7, 2012

ANTHROCON: Pre-convention Announcements!

We return!

You may have noticed of late that we're exuding online activity on par with a winded slug.  There's a slew of finished commissions I've been meaning to post - not to mention Volume 1 pages, sneak peeks, illustrations, some exposition regarding our extended youtube commercial campaign, a blog organizing volunteer efforts, e-mails and art account questions in need of reply, whew...   I've been in the Color Cave.  It's nice in here.  Sparkly things happen. It's quiet and smells odd in the Color Cave.

But we'll be emerging from the Color Cave for that special annual event - Anthrocon!

And things have been going so well in the Color Cave, that at Anthrocon we will officially be opening Volume III Pre-Orders.  Volume III will be 144 pages long when it's done, which looks to be this fall at our current production rate.

To help con-goers budget their weekend, here are the prices for Pre-Orders and convention commissions:

Volume III Pre-Orders.
Standard: $25
Signed: $35
Limited Edition: $60

Standard includes a 1st edition copy of V3.  

Signed includes a 1st edition copy of V3 signed by Dave and Liz, with a little doodle on the inside cover.  It will be packaged in a decorative burnt paper sleeve, and includes a bonus sticker.

A Limited Edition pre-order includes a 1st edition copy of V3 AND a Limited Edition copy of V3.  Limited editions have a color variation on the cover, and there will only be 300 printed ever.  Both the 1st edition and the Limited edition will be signed, sketched, packaged in burnt paper sleeves, and the bonus sticker tags along for the ride.

Pre-Orders will be opening online after the convention - but I may delay until late July for the online sales to open, because I have a hankering to complete all the shading in Chapter 8 first, and I'm halfway there.

Convention Commissions:
Are done in pencil only, and considering our existing commission que, we can't accept any take-homes.  I'll have a limited number of slots per day, so it's first-come, first-serve.  THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

Rough Sketch: $10
Single Character drawing: $40
Anything I Can Draw on A Piece Of Paper: $80

If you're heading to Anthrocon this year, we look forward to seeing you there.  8 )




Anonymous said...

You can have my 60 bucks when you open preorders online. Can't wait for the fall.

Chris said...

D: Auuugh! Better not be 300 Limited Edition orders at AC. lol I'll be so sad.

DeviousPsychopath said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. I only plan on ordering 299 Limited Editions AC. I'm sure no one will grab that last one.

Finding Icarus said...

Eagerly awaiting those V3 preorders. It's a shame I won't be able to make it to Anthrocon, but rest assured I will be watching your website, feverishly hitting "F5" until I see that "preorder" link pop up.

Anonymous said...

OMG! :D Can't wait! >w< Will the copy of the DreamKeepers volume 3 be posted on the website this fall, too? o3o

Rycr said...

Can't make it to Anthrocon, but I'll definitely preorder as soon as I can. And if any signed or limited edition volumes are still available for online preorder, I'll definitely snap one up. I REALLY can't wait for V3!