Saturday, June 23, 2012

DK on Critiquing Comics

Dreamkeepers has been featured on the podcast Critiquing Comics!

Clear-eyed, useful critiques can be very hard to come by these days - but the guys at Critiquing Comics deliver.  Hop on over and give it a listen, and if you’re inclined to comment on their podcast, go for it!  It’d be nice for the reviewers to know their insight is both heard and appreciated.

…And in other news, we’re back from Anthrocon!  This year was hands-down awesome.  

I’ve got a slew of pencil commissions I ought to post soon.  In fact, catching up on posting in the accounts is now officially on my ‘to do’ list.  

Once Chapter 8 is completely finished, I’ll be throwing a truckload of art up in the accounts, catching up on e-mails, and of course - finally - unleashing Volume 3 Pre-Orders online.

I’m in the color cave - but when I come up for air, fun shall be unleashed.

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