Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bullet in the Hole Clubs: Pre-Order Horizon

And for the last of our December of Announcements, we're setting a date for Volume 3 Pre-Orders.

We'll be selling V3 Pre-Orders at Anthrocon 2011, from June 24-26, and opening them up online a week later for all to pre-purchase.

Although Volume 3 won't be completely finished at that time, it should be well on the way, close enough that we can set final pricing and order options, and give everyone time to place their order before Pre-Orders close.
And that's about the last of our news from where we're sitting, at the end of 2010. Thanks again to everyone who's been there, reading along with us up 'till now. I hope you had a joyful Allspirit's Eve, a Merry Christmas, and a happy Holiday Season. (Or whichever one of those will allow me to be cordial without stepping into an asinine culture war.)

Up until now we've been showing off our fabulous poker hand with four aces, one per week, but you really need a fifth card to make a full hand...
I guess we're not as good at this game as we thought.
Truth be told, we don't really know all that much about poker- but we are certainly in the business of having too much fun regardless of competence.

I think 2010 was a good year for Dreamkeepers - we completed the laboriously corrected 2nd editions of Volumes 1 & 2, finally set up affordable downloads for everyone, and completed the script & thumbnail layouts for all of Volume 3. We finished the final artwork on the next Chapter of the story, and as you've read this month, beefed up our staff and undertaken some exciting advertising endeavors.

I think 2011 is going to be a great year for Dreamkeepers. We'll be rolling faster than ever on Volume 3 production, probably completing the next two Chapters, opening Pre-Orders, and raising the funds for an unprecedented advertising run. We've got a lot of work ahead of us to pull it all off-

-I can hardly wait!


dreamkeeper said...

FINALLY V3!!!! Cant wait! Getting it first day!!! Love your comics

Twitter-- @linuxblogz

Andrew said...

This is beyond epic! As I always say, keep being awesome!

Alphadarkfox said...

I just am receiving my V1 and V2 and can't wait to read them (my aunt ordered them late so I'm receiving them from her later than Christmas)

So I will order V3 as soon as I can.I bet its going to be as epic as the first two.

Happy Holidays, Alphadarkfox - Deltadarkfox

Aurius said...

now im 10 times happier that im going to anthrocon this year

Anonymous said...