Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sneak Peek #20: Grunn Sayuhz

Well, the glitz and glam of our December announcements are behind us - hype aside, February is cold. SO COLD.

Other than that, progress is going pretty good! We've been working on Chapter 8, and the first scene is penciled and ready for the color department to cut their teeth on.

With their help keeping progress rolling, we'll be freed up to do some animation for the 15-second commercial. I'm hoping to tackle the entire thing within February, sling the frames off to our colorists, and be back on Chapter 8 pencils before anyone has time to notice.

All of this will keep us pretty occupied, of course - so to help field questions and comments while we're busy, we've recruited Grunn. Deftly bringing you the answers you need, welcome to the first ever installment of...

Grunn Sayuhz.
Q: hey question ever thought of doing a cross over
Grunn: Huuuaaghmmmm…. Pretty gudd.

Q: *reads* hahaha, good thing I read the journal. I was going to ask if you were going to have volume 3 at AC. I suppose, in a manner of speaking, you will.
Grunn: Wawl, theh… Ur… Stawp askehn thingz at meh so fast.

Q: I want confirmation of boobies and ass before I preorder!
Grunn: Muhhhhh... Hm. Yup, yah. I gotsum on mah wawl.

Q: WHOO HOO!! Alright Dave and Liz! same price as the last two for hard copies?
Grunn: Uhhhhh... Uh, therz also boobs in heyah.

Q: Thanks for the kind gift guys, but I'm goin' big and savin' for the book. It's too much too spoil reading even a few pages into the next book. Man 40 pages... Do you mind if I ask you two - how long did it take to complete Chapter 07 from scratch to the final product? Oh and have an awesome Christmas this season! *thumbs up*
Grunn: Raight. Dunn-lowds. Uhh... This wun time, I dunn-lowded some prutty gudd boobs, um, there waz garls on 'em uh course... Buht mainly I wuz lukkin' at theyz-

-And that concludes our first, last installment of 'Grunn Sayuhz'! Utter disaster. Watch for the DVD release coming this fall, with behind the scenes special features and cast & crew commentary.

Though Grunn has failed miserably at answering questions, we unfortunately aren't faring much better - it takes us forever to get back to folks much of the time. Rest assured though, if we're quiet, it means we're busy making fun stuff! ...Like 'Grunn Sayuhz'.

We'll be certain to update once the commercial is finished, and announce some fundraising aimed at helping us get it on the air. In the meanwhile, enjoy the unnecessarily elaborate Preludes and wish us luck!


Darkdreamkeeper said...

Absolutely genius. Nuff said.

MacMit said...

Grunn had all the right answers. Too bad people kept asking the wrong questions.

Chassy said...

lol. Can't wait to get that next book!!

Anonymous said...

i love how grunn can pick out the exact information people want to hear. or maybe that's just what grunn wants to hear.

Ben said...

yes and what grunn wants to hear, many people like to hear.