Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bullet in the Hole Spades: Making a Scene!

The first chapter of Volume 3 is done!

About DAMN time, if you ask me. Cri-mi-nelly! And other words I never say! We released Volume 2 in early 2008, and here in late 2010, we're just finishing the next chapter. A previous blog showcases our 'Box 'o Excuses' http://vividstuff.blogspot.com/2010/09/v3-sneak-peek-17-graphite-milestone.html, so there's no need to recite it once more.

Even so, you guys have been fantastically, divinely patient with us regarding Volume 3. Regardless of how long our production has stretched, we've received overwhelming support and encouragement from so many kind people - thank you, everyone. If it's any consolation, the next two chapters will NOT take as long as the first one did.

But I think you deserve more than consolation. I think you deserve a gift - TA DAA!

We're posting the first scene of Chapter 7 online, for free - right now!
There's no worry over spoilers, since it's the very first scene of the book. You've waited long enough that you deserve at least a few pages of appreciation! Download scene 1 of Chapter 7 for free: http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/storeDigitalbooks.htm We hope you enjoy the preview!

Additionally, I do like tossing out some evidence that, yes, we have been working on another book over here, and finishing actual pages of tangible story. Volume 3 is not an elaborate hoax, we've got like 40 pages of this stuff, with more in the works.

But I'll tell you what is a hoax. A terrifying, bloody deception.

Santa Claus.

If you want the horrific truth, I'll give it to you - right here, on Christmas. In the meanwhile, stay away from that old fucker, for your own safety. Consider yourself warned!

If, on the other hand, you just want Dreamkeepers news, then hop on by next week - we'll have our last 'Bullet in the Hole' announcement!


Anonymous said...

Dear Christ on a cracker that was exciting.

Faolan said...

Dave, relax
I'm sitting by the chimmney as we speak with a shotgun and a machete.... and I rigged C4 on the roof....
No fat pedophile's gonna come by my house

Ithin said...

Hey hey,
What? The first scene of V3?
Santa can stay away I have all I wanted for this year xD!
I'am now convinced! Santa only comes ones a year, but you Dave (and not forget Liz) gift us every Friday with your Art!
All hail to Dave (and Liz)

Take all the time you need for V3 ;)!

Angela Entzminger said...

I love the Box 'o Excuses! But I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. Merry Christmas and thanks for the free preview.

Anonymous said...

wait, you've been working on this for 2 years? wow, and i just bought the first two, 2 days ago! (download, of course) hope the rest goes smoothly

Anonymous said...

wait, youve been workign on this oenc hapter for 2 years? i jsut got the first two books yesterday! hope the rest of the book stuff goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

wait, you've been working on the last chapter for 2 years? and i just bought the first two books two days ago! hope the rest of this book goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

oh my fucking god i fucked up, HOW THE HELL DO I TRIPPLE POST?!?!?!