Sunday, October 7, 2018

Skirmish Unboxing Contest Winners

The unboxing contest concludes- time for prizes!  
I couldn’t choose just one, so I’m changing the rules of this contest at the last minute. Dictator-for-Life Dave has spoken. Instead of one, I decree TWO winners. They were both simply too good- Lord Kiyo with his Puppetmaster entry, and Zeph with his 90’s Commercial entry. Loved them.  
And more decrees! Every entrant is getting a runner-up prize, because they are fabulous people who deserve it.  
Kiyo entered earliest, and gets to choose the Skirmish character we feature. Then I’ll send him and Zeph an exclusive Skirmish shirt featuring that character! (Message me with size and color preferences.)  
Everyone who entered will get a sticker of this exclusive design, because I was blown away by everyone. Kickstarter-Message me with your latest delivery address.  
Check out all the entries, and feel free to use ‘em if any friends are curious just what this Skirmish thing is all about.  

  • Lord Kiyo- Puppetmaster. I’ve never seen this done with a plush before- it was equal parts creepy and adorable for me.
  • Diamond Paw- Pure magic, quite literally! The white gloves were a perfect touch.
  • YaminoKitsune- X marks the spot, and the commentary on this treasure hunt makes it a fun one..  
  • Mancoin- Whip has found an alternative use for the packaging materials.  
  • Zeph creates the best Dreamkeepers commercial I’ve ever seen! Still jazzed from the soundtrack and cool camerawork.  
  • “Because nobody likes Tinsel-” I lol’d.  
  • Screams aplenty- the Golden Ticket winner discovers her pass to funland.  

I’ve been distracted printing Firebrat, but Wave 2 Skirmish merch is next on the docket. We’ll update with news at least monthly until it’s delivered. Skirmish games are now for (limited) sale publicly at so if you have friends interested or Christmas gifts on the mind, this is the place. We put 30 in stock for sale, over half are already gone.

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