Tuesday, October 2, 2018

13th Annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest

Bursting from the rotten ground, thirteen years to the day, it rises again. The Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest is upon us!

For the 13th year, we have something exceptional in store. The Grand Prize Winner of the “Best Art” category will receive a Collector’s Edition Dreamkeepers Skirmish boxed game set, signed by Dave, Liz, and the game developers Michael & Spencer.

Grand Prize winners in the other categories will receive a plush Whip to mollify their terror, or a signed Hardcover Prelude Collection for battering ghouls. Winner’s choice.

Runner-ups get a Dreamkeepers button pack or Troika sew-on fabric patch. And everyone- every last entrant- gets a free Trick-or-Treat sticker. But be sure to claim your prize via e-mail by November 15th, or it vanishes like a ghost!

Catch entry instructions and rules here: http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/HalloweenRules.html
Sample terror from the first Twelve Years here: http://dreamkeeperscomic.com/Halloween.html

And now for some Grave News.

This will be the last year to enter submissions for the Writing Category in the Halloween Contest. We’re considering an entirely separate contest for Dreamkeepers fiction in future years, so we’ll retire the Writing Category from the Fanart Contest in 2019. Ye be warned!

And for more Grave News- we’re having a first-ever sale on Amazon! Hardcover Prelude Collections, normally upwards of $50, are over half off. Volumes 1 and 4 are going for $13.00.

Why a suddden sale, you ask? Amazon has switched to monthly billing for their long-term storage fees. So we’re clearing inventory, and going forward will have much smaller batches of books available at any given time. Volumes 2 and 3 are already out of stock on Amazon.

Get ready for a month of chilling art, comic fun, and high-quality games. Let the contest begin.

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