Thursday, August 23, 2018

Q&A 13

45 Are powers developed randomly, or is each Dreamkeeper "meant" to have the particular power they have?

Powers are loosely connected to a core element of their personality or intrinsic characteristics- so I don't think random is the right word.   I suppose the answer depends on whether you think we're fated to be the way we are.

38 Do powers leave behind any distinguishable marks or effects on the body? Can you tell by looking at dreamkeeper that they've used their abil

Generally no.  If somebody sneakily uses their power, drops the halo, and then strolls back into the room with their buds like nothing happened- there's no obvious visual marker to give them away.  They might be tired looking if they were channeling a volume of power near the limits of their endurance. 

As with most Dreamkeepers lore, there can be exceptions to this rule- especially if a character's power involves changing their appearance, like the Indigos.

31 Can projectiles based powers be redericted to shoot from other limbs? For example, can Bast throw fire from his feet or *ahem* other extremi

Usually yes.   Some powers might *require* the use of hands- but most do not.  It's just easier to guide one's focus using physical gestures, and hands are the most intuitive instrument.   But if say Bast wanted to incinerate someone to his left, he could leave his hands down and do it with a peeved glance.

28 What is the minimum age requirement for drinking fermentae


28 What is the next great frontier for DK merchandise now that we already have card games, plush toys, and soundtracks?

The big one for me:  VOLUME 5.  Dreamkeepers has leveled up from Skirmish and Wayward- but I've got to refocus on the main attraction, and knock out the next graphic novel. 

That said, there are a few things in the works that don't require much of my time. 
Faction War, the free online DK roleplay system, is soonest- I've upgraded the game mechanics and I'll run one last test game this September. Then future story arcs will be in the hands of the players and mods.

Nikolas Albrecht is launching a Kickstarter this September to compose & record the Volume 5 soundtrack.  We've just licensed an indie company to create limited runs of 3-D printed DK figurines- plus Liz may create handcrafted goodies once Skirmish figurines are done.

A couple years back I wrote a novella that needs a few hours of final editing, and then I can start sharing that on the side, along with illustrations that have also been done for it.

The video game engine continues to be upgraded in the background- faster surface reflections have been integrated into the rendering gamut.

So, some backburner items and mostly-completed endeavors- but the big thing is to rock out on Volume 5.

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