Thursday, August 23, 2018


Create your original Dreamkeepers character, join a Faction, and get ready for action.  The DK community is launching another roleplay story arc, slated for a launch date of September 13th.

The game system has evolved from our alpha test earlier this year.  There's now a solidified skills list with interlocking strengths and weaknesses- plus inventory.   Purchase armor, sniper weaponry, a ryuu-neko companion- some items will aide in combat.  Others will give you superior command of terrain, or even an edge when it comes to blackmailing and other social tricks. 

The new Faction Wars Discord server is here:

Slots for new players are limited. 

Moderators will get the final call on who can participate in the story arc which launches Sept. 13th. 

Requirements include submitting a finalized character sheet to them, and demonstrating activity and responsiveness in the server. 

There's a Free Play room for people to get the hang of things, and for players to roleplay even if they're not in the official Story Arc. 

So jump in, create a character or two (It's way simpler and faster than most rp systems) and prepare for war!  I'll see folks in there tonight. 

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