Saturday, May 13, 2017

Webcomic vs Webcomic

I'm pleased to announce impending conflict- it involves webcomics, Bonus Guest cards, free game box giveaways, and tournament-style voting.

Dreamkeepers is currently Kickstarting a new battle card game:

SKIRMISH will now feature eight bonus guest cards- each comic below will have one featured guest character card:

False Start
Star Warriors
Wayward Astronomer
Control Freak

For a batch of characters being deployed into a battle card game- well, what could be more fitting than a tournament?

We're hosting a tournament for the selected characters online, where the readerships vote for their respective champions.   The winning author will receive three boxed SKIRMISH games to give away to the victorious readership, in whatever manner they see fit.  

We're contacting the authors tonight to confirm character choices, and we should be hosting match dates and details for you in the next few days.  

The Tournament is mainly for fun, and allocating the game giveaways- no matter how it goes, every participating character will have a card included in the first-edition printing of SKIRMISH.

(Links to the featured webcomics:)

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