Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kickstarter News- SKIRMISH ETA

We have a pile of Kickstarter news from multiple campaigns, so let's jump right in!


First off, the Wayward Astronomer campaign has delivered to backers- and now the hardcover novel is available to the public:

Geo's going to be at Book Expo America later this month to showcase it, alongside Dreamkeepers Volume 1.


The Whip Plush campaign has completed fulfillment to everyone *except* eight folks in the hand-crafted tiers.  (The last 2 Maces are being stitched up as we speak, so they'll all be hitting the mail this month.)  With rewards delivered or en route to everyone, Whip Plush are now publicly available for sale:


And the big one coming down the pipeline- SKIRMISH is slated to launch later this week:

The video (including some full animation) is rendering today, I can't wait to show it.  And the gameplay itself is, I can attest, highly addictive.

Additional SKIRMISH news- we're including some for-fun Bonus Hero cards, featuring characters from other webcomics.   And inspired by this winter's OC Tournament, we'll be launching a webcomic vs webcomic tournament online.  More info on the Webcomic Character Tournament soon.

Once Skirmish is flyin' free, I'll be able to get back on Volume 5 production.  Developing these other DK assets has been a trade-off, sacrificing some V5 production time- but I think the investment will be worth it.   Now the DK community has more media in more formats to enjoy while we work, and our future possibilities have opened dramatically.

Dreamkeepers is growing.  E )  

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