Friday, August 26, 2016


In her nationally televised speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton named and dourly condemned provocative articles written by Milo Yiannopoulos-  who just so happens, at this time, to be promoting Dreamkeepers on his weekly podcast.

Having our top spokesperson humorlessly attacked by a Clinton is an astonishing cultural achievement!  I can't seem to stop laughing.

  In the wake of this brush with presidential politics, a few readers have asked whether our series is becoming too political- so I'd like to clarify a couple things.

One:  I have absolutely zero interest in telling you how, or whether, to vote.  If you needed my input on this decision, well, it's time to panic.  You're on your own!

Two:  Everybody's welcome!  We don't discriminate by politics, we're happy to entertain everybody, regardless of affiliation.

Three:  Our main focus remains on crafting and sharing the best work of fantasy our abilities will allow.

That said, I'm utterly thrilled to have such a culturally-relevant high-profile spokesperson for Dreamkeepers!  Talk about fireworks.  Someone so distinctive and polarizing clearly needs a compelling fursona to match...  

With our website (nearly) done, Prelude updates will resume next week- we hope you enjoy the show- both our work, and the marketing sparks that surround it!

Just remember- irreverent memes are off limits.  We're in serious times, and the last thing the internet needs are insane Milo / Trump / Hillary Dreamkeepers memes.

Have some decency.

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