Monday, August 29, 2016

Sparkly new website

After weeks of work, the new website is complete: 

Just in time for the flood of new traffic!

This has been sorely needed- for years the archives were out of date on the old site, and the format just didn't give us the room to showcase all that Dreamkeepers had to offer.

In addition to working archives and better comic page navigation (with arrow keys!) there's new stuff in the online store, a news page that actually updates, a spot for game content, revamped lore and articles and more!

It's by no means perfect- I mean, I coded it, so you can only expect so much.  Built for full-size computer screens, I'd advise using the reading app for mobile devices.  E-mail me any goofs and glitches, I might be able to fix 'em at some point.  But for now, it'll do- with a snazzier look and more to explore than the old one.   Hop on in and enjoy! 

Next up:  Time to prep the Patreon monthly sketch and get Prelude back on track, with a new update this Thursday.   

Then it's time to get Volume 5 rolling, alongside work on the video game assets- and coming soon, we'll launch the Whip Plush Kickstarter.    And in the mid-term, it's time to start pestering distributors to see if we can get Volume 1 in any retail outlets.  

Stay tuned for more news!

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