Thursday, May 12, 2016


It's official!  Our Patrons annihilated Milestone I:

This can only mean one thing.


We're doing a celebration livestream- taking live sketch requests, answering questions, maybe even having a guest or two pop up if anyone's inclined.

The date:

This Saturday, May 21st, time to-be-announced.

Even if it fluctuates up and down a bit, hitting this milestone means that V5 production is locked down, alongside development for the video game test-level.   Combined with book sales, we're also able to maintain our weekly Prelude schedule- and there's more in the works!

It's an honor creating for all of you- and with the Patrons fueling our efforts, I aim to give it all we've got.   Thank you for making this series come to life.

...I believe this is only the beginning.

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