Friday, May 20, 2016

Plush Queries and Saturday Times

Tomorrow's livestream art-party will be here:  

Celebrating our first Patreon milestone, the stream kicks off at 1pm EST, and we plan to roll until 5 or longer.   In addition to me doodling, some guests may join us- possibly including Geo, author of the Wayward Astronomer, Riiser of the youtube channel Webcomic Relief, up-and-coming comic artist Superflat psychosis, Starwarriors creator Scott, Readers from the weekly chat, possibly Skidd and Phuufy, and heck!   Who knows.

I'm also streaming some today- shading this week's Prelude update, which will be posted upon completion.

In other news:  We've received a prototype life-size Whip plush!  He's excruciatingly huggable.

Planning to post some photos soon- and we're also planning to launch a Kickstarter this July, so that anybody who wants one has a chance to nab the little blue terror.  

Now, we've never done a plush Kickstarter before- we may create some resin figurines as stretch-goal add ons, but what are some other ideas?    We want brainstorms!   If you'd like to share any, post it in the comments below.  8 )

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