Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What A Twist

When I first had the inkling for a Faction Contest, I had no clue what might happen.    Would it be fun?  Boring?  Would anyone even participate?

Well, holy shit.

Blazing, unhinged chaos.

We made such a mess on twitter:  

Memes, taunts, and even artwork culminated in the day of reckoning yesterday, when only one Faction could emerge victorious:


They crushed it.

It came as a twist to me- I was actually expecting the insurgent reader-created #TeamGrunn faction to win.  But in the end, following Grunn proved to be a drunken, fun, unhinged ticket to failure.   ...Which somehow seems entirely appropriate, now that I think about it.

Time to send free books to everyone in the Troika faction!

But valiant- and hilarious- efforts were made for the competing Factions, and all of those participants are now eligible for Honorary Awards.

If you posted something that you think qualifies, send me a screenshot!  Dreamkeeperscomic(at)

I'll announce Honorary Awards on Monday, after- this weekend.

This weekend, when our ulterior motives underpinning the entire contest are revealed.

What purpose could we have in filling the #Dreamkeepers hashtag with content?

With training readers in hashtag warfare?

Right before the theatrical release of Zootopia?


Prof. Godel Fishbreath, Otter said...

I blew it. I missed voting day.
I still do not understand hashtag wars. But show up and vote was part of that.

Anyway I want to join your Crush the Mouse stuff. I mentioned you twice on FB. I will be alert for other opportunities.

And The Beast and the Boy should get some mention, as a marketing underdog crushed by Zootopia if nothing else. Yes I do cross-mention good things.

I really like your webcomic, I will be giving away the extra copies at any party I can.

Cindy Dy said...

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