Monday, March 7, 2016

Faction Contest: Honorary Awards

After reviewing the devastation within the #Dreamkeepers Faction contest, it is my great privilege to present to you, fine ladies and gentlemen:

The Honorary Awards.   

Rarely does a fandom come together in such a celebration of culture, elegance, and achievement.  Let us raise our champagne glasses together, and toast these intrepid meme warriors:

Best Diss of an opposing faction:@Midnight_Blaze cookware

Best Comeback:   Nightmares don't die @Mr_Millstone

Best use of a Meme:  @Mr_Millstone Hillary & Bernie

Most original new Meme: @James Shock Trooper Drones

Most Frantic: @PizzaSkunk  "Fuck That Shit"

Most Retweeted post in #Dreamkeepers: @VoidSlice #Nightmare betrayal

Most 'Liked'  post in #Dreamkeepers: @JohnDeadmen #CCA for Victory

Most Audacious Infiltration of a comment area: Orange Corn in Entertainment Weekly.

And last, but most certainly not least:

Most Epic Fail:  #TEAMGRUNN

I can think of nothing more failed, and more epic, than the entire Team Grunn Faction.  The entire faction is awarded Most Epic Fail.

Remember, only posts for losing Factions could be considered for Honrary Awards.  Thanks again to everyone for a ludicrously fun contest, and thanks to the elites who helped boost the ensuing Operation Sidewinder to 90,000 impressions and 5,000 engagements!

Good times- with more to come.

Next up, we'll be announcing the launch of a new Kickstarter.  Our very own Kafelnikov, leader of the DA Dreamkeepers Group, is crowdfunding the production of the first Dreamkepers print novel- Wayward

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