Monday, June 8, 2015

Between the Pages: American Pharaoh - Trot Like An Egyptian

Actually, the real winner's name is spelled 'oah', but that's a horse of a different color.
Like a brown, not a black with white.  But anyway.

When you’re standing outside with a spray can and a little girl’s voice yells out “Daddy I want to sit on that!” You’re doing something right.

Pharaoh's been done for a while, I've been procrastinating on posting any photos because I was hoping to finish the other two (now three) horses at the same time.

You see.....
I acquired three plastic horses back around March-ish, and the plan was to finish all three before posting this blog.  Show all three at the same time.

This is what I started with.  Pharaoh is the one in brown.  And they needed cleaning.

We call this a rodeo in a garage.  They were repainted, white, gray, and black.  Then given a ride.

This is horses in a car.

I’m going to be very busy for a while with painting and casting figurines for the kickstarter.  And with the Triple Crown Winner of 2015 currently in the news, it’s time to drag my personal Egyptian horse out of the stable.  

Here's the starting base coat, this horse is the best sculpted of the three.

My beginning concept was Alexander the Great’s horse, Bucephalus who was a very famous black horse.  I went so far as to order coins with Alexander's face on them to cover the rodeo spots.

The wallpaper tells you this is a pony party.
But Alexander the Great was busy having an Empire and spending quality time in Egypt.  And I was inspired by the colors of the black and white porcelain horses that occupied Japan used to make.
The only answer was to grab a lamp and 'Walk Like An Egyptian'.
Because my base literally quotes the song.  One word per side.  Now I'm fluent in little bird pictures.

The first step is to collect the horse and chosen lamp, then the odds and ends that inspire the horse and have potential colors.  Not all of them work out, like the fan, for example.  Some of these are thrift store, most were Ebay.  Needing a metallic gold color, most of Pharaoh's accessories were bought not sculpted like other horses.  I tried some sculpting on Pharaoh to hide his rodeo ancestry, but temperature changes affected some of his decorations and had to be stripped and repainted.  Occasionally I'll pick up a sculpted horse shoe off the carpet.
Adding the accessories is the very last part of a carousel lamp horse.  
Drilling, painting, finishes come first.  
I allowed some of the original color to come through on this one.

You can see some patchwork on the upper left.
Switched the Alex coins for something more suitable.
Outside for quick touch-ups.

Some patchwork is still evident above.

The entire point of a carousel horse is to put them in places you wouldn't expect.

Confusing little kids in parking lots since 1984.

Now he lights up an entire room.  I mentioned painting figurines for the kickstarter, and those will take 1st priority.  That said...there's a fourth horse...and these are solar powered.  

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