Monday, June 29, 2015

Between the Pages: All Geared Up for Anthrocon

So I mentioned acquiring three plastic horses a while ago.
  They rode around in cars -
...and did other stuff.  I guess.  Or something.
And I finished one, but then declared that I was going to be too busy to work on them for a while.  Something about important something somethings.  I was wrong.  
This is the journey of the second horse, the little pinto, with the pretty saddle.
Nothing against pintos, but he had a special purpose waiting for him.
He received a new gray coat and sat in the corner waiting for his time.
With that same party wallpaper.
His brother became an Egyptian God.
The other horse was painted blue.  Reasons are still unknown.

Until finally...

The pinto became a very tan fjord horse.  

This is what a horse party looks like.

But instead of covering up the old spring holes in his sides, 
someone thought it was a good idea to cut additional giant holes in him.
Maybe there was a reason for these holes....
....or somebody was trying to be funny.  Painting the inside green.  
The whole thing looked like an accident.  
What a waste of a perfectly good horse.
But eventually...

 (Ignore the gray one in the background.  He's still working things out.)
Looking a little different didn't seem so different.
He was taken outside and sprayed glossy, like a real carousel horse.
The little formerly pinto was dressed in his new 'steampunk' attire and golden gears.
And with a new solar-panel stand, LED lights and wires,
the little pinto had a new purpose in life.
To be seen in person, in Pittsburgh, at the Anthrocon 2015 Art Show.  Day and night.

Hope to see you there!

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