Friday, October 17, 2014

V4 Sneak Peek #9: Shading Dark Shadows

I love this part.

Shading is when the flat colors come to life, light falls on the scene, shadows form, and magic glitters.

Twenty pages of Volume 4 are shaded and ready to roll- ten more, and the first Chapter will be done.

The shading is going at a good clip thanks entirely to Liz and our intrepid freelancers- THANK YOU GUYS!  They're laying down the hours of work it takes to block in the flat colors, paving the road to a finished book.

And sometimes they add a little extra...  

Like this page from Darz- he added some extra layers to make his own text and special effects, creating a Halloween-tastic treat:

If you want some more Halloween art, check out our 9th annual Fanart Contest right here:

That's about it for this Sneak Peek- can't tarry too long at present, all this shading has put me behind on packaging orders & accounting, and I still need to create this year's Halloween Prelude special.

Wherein we see what happens when Namah goes trick-or-treating.

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