Thursday, September 4, 2014

VANISHED! E-books Adieu

Dreamkeepers E-books are no longer for sale.

Why not?

They were formatted and sold through a company called Graphicly- which earlier this year went bankrupt.

Worse, some customers have told me that when Graphicly vanished so did their purchased e-books.

I can't give refunds for these missing e-books because I didn't actually sell them- Graphicly was the acting retailer.  Even if I wanted to issue payments out of pocket I can't, because Graphicly sort of forgot this little detail where they pay the publishers for their sales.  Like, for the entire last year.

They disappeared with their e-books and a pile of other people's earnings.   Hmm.!quotes/  

But the important thing is:  Some people bought DK books that went poof on them, and that's not fair.  Even if it's not our fault, I want to do what we can to take care of our readers.

So if this happened to you, e-mail me (Dreamkeeperscomic[at] and I'll link you to a free PDF download of your lost book.

We *are* still selling print-resolution PDF files through Lulu.  Downloads are different from e-books.  For one thing, they don't freaking disappear.  They're yours to read, backup, and enjoy, online or off.

Will we offer e-books again sometime?  Almost certainly.  But V4 is my priority now, so I won't be looking into e-books until afterwards.

Personally, I love having a physical book in my hands, turning real pages- I dislike reading off a screen.

What about you?  From a reader standpoint, what are the pros and cons of downloads vs. e-books?  Any formats you hate?  Any you love?  Have any parting thoughts for Graphicly?  Let 'er rip in the comments below!

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Wojtek said...

I'm a happy owner of paid-for digital copies of first three volumes, the first two in CBZ and the third in PDF.

Nothing's nicer than a real, hard-bound book, that's true. But shipping such overseas is both slow and expensive, and then I'd need to find a place to keep it safe from neglect and curious critters.

I'd say sticking to PDF is a pretty good idea - it's a sort of a "gold standard", almost everyone has a way to read one.

Would I buy the real books?
Maybe, someday, when I'd have the money and the space for them.
And if you'd do reprints so I could get the whole set.

Would I buy a digital copy of V4 and all the further ones?
Heck yes. Immediately.

I'm just one person, I know.
But thank you for reading my thoughts.

Best regards,
-- Wojtek