Sunday, September 28, 2014

Between the Pages Sneak Peek: Make Your Own Dreamkeeper Dolls DIY

For a few months I've been collecting miscellaneous doll parts.  And confusing several people.
This is for a project that was interrupted by the apartment fire, and now it’s time to try again.

Originally I wanted to make a custom Tinsel doll that had that ’Mattel’ look.  After shopping around, I realized while attaching a Bratz head to a Barbie body that all of our main Dreamkeeper female cast could be recreated in doll form, given the right parts.  Of these parts, 99% of them were found in thrift stores, on clearance, and eBay.  And I finished Tinsel and Wisp, with Lilith and Namah just needing hair.  But, you know.  Fire.

So we start again.

You will need to paint, sculpt, and use a power drill to complete these projects.

Here’s a brief sample of what’s to come:

I've completed Vi, Wisp, and Vanth visual tutorials that will explain how to transform doll parts into the custom girls of the Dreamkeeper cast.

Please enjoy the following weeks in which I show how these dolls (and more in future blogs) can be created by you! -Liz

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