Friday, August 1, 2014

Volume 3 Free!

Updating every Monday Wednesday and Friday, Volume 3 is coming free to the Dreamkeepers website!

Why now?  Because Volume 4 pencils are scooting right along.  By the time V3 is fully posted, or before, we ought to be hosting an epic V4 Kickstarter.

That Kickstarter will determine if we can continue full speed on V5- as well as opening the door to other awesome, vivid possibilities.  But it will only be big if a lot of people already want Volume 4.

To that effect, we're promoting the V3 site release as much as we can- please help us out!  More readers will mean more supporters come Kickstarter time- and successful Kickstarters mean Dreamkeepers and Vivid have the fuel to grow and accomplish more.

We're entering an exciting time- when entertainment isn't just handed down to us from on high.  Now we, the audience, choose for ourselves what merits recognition.  I believe that together, we can build a series that has the same cultural footprint as something from a major studio.  And I want Vivid to bring other creators to light and give them the same opportunity.  I want the future of entertainment to be a meritocracy, where readers and creators are the ones who determine what flourishes.  

If you know anyone that might enjoy our work, please point them over to the free updates:

Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word over the years, we couldn't have come this far without you!


Phillip Mai said...

This is Phillip and congratulation on the Dream Keeper V4 comic! When are you going post the kickstarter thing and what do you mean be "scooting right along"?

Dave and Liz said...

The Kickstarter will go up after V4 is done, or very nearly done- I'm not sure exactly when that'll be. But Scooting right along means that all the pages in it are now drawn! Only color is left- I'm hoping to shade 1 Chapter a month, possibly. Wish me luck. 8 D