Saturday, August 16, 2014

Overview and Interview

Big news:  Volume 4 pencils are DONE!

That means it's time to catch up a bit.  I have a big sack of stuff to share, so I think it's best to split them into several posts over the next couple of weeks.  Better than one unwieldy Frankenpost.

So what's wandering your way?

A tempting Volume 4 Sneak Peek (of course.)  With a couple of art tips wedged in there.

Shout out to one of the zaniest, funnest, most dynamic comics I've ever come across.

VANISHED!  The story of Graphicly and why DK e-books are scarce at present.

Realm- the unseen concept that gave birth to Dreamkeepers.

And what's the story with Story?
I've found myself giving advice on the topic lately, and there seem to be a range of misconceptions floating around out there- some of them harmful to aspiring creators.  While I don't have the time currently to draft a treatise, I plan to start sharing a stray thought or two- and figured I'd begin by posting some parables that I wrote in the course of my studies.  
But I did save one bona-fide piece of news just for this post.  Dreamkeepers was featured in an interview by TGT Media- check it out here!

Where else would you like to see Dreamkeepers pop up?  What magazines, sites, podcasts, youtubers do you listen to?   Let us know in the comments below, and let them know that we exist!

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