Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vivid Side Notes: Liz, Confessions of a Lazy Birder.

Bird-er, noun-informal 1. A bird watcher 2. A person who raises birds.

I have a confession to make.  I think birds are great.  Not just great.  Awesome-great.  But there’s this thing.  I don’t like to go looking for them. (I just got in a fight with a green-cheeked conure as I typed this)  

I’m passionate about them in theory, but birders are supposed to travel around in the cold with notebooks and heavy binoculars and know the sounds and appearance of a red-winged black bird from a ga-gillion miles away and count how many they see and be perfectly happy with this.  I am not one of those people.  (According to the conure, I am not one of those people either.)

I can’t even be bothered to Google pictures of birds for amusement.  But here’s what I do like to do.  I like to make birds artsy.  Sometimes for a challenge.

Sometimes for other people.

And sometimes out of pure passion.  Our bedroom closet is very proud.  This is my reference:

I love birds, think they're awesome, and like making them.

But sometimes when the nest is crowded, it’s time to leave home.  They're clearly plotting something.

So I put together an store for any loose creations that occur during the side notes of our Dreamkeepers project with Vivid Publishing ala Vivid Side Notes.
We’ll announce new arrivals in our art accounts when they're going to be posted.
You may be surprised what shows up there.


RedJax said...

Birds are the greatest, they make the best friends. Their loyalty and love never fails to amaze me, nor does the endless mischief they will cause. Your bird designs look great and as colorful as they themselves.

Chris said...

Cosmo must get jealous. lol