Thursday, January 23, 2014

Paper Birds vs. Random Updates

My money’s on the paper birds:

I’m beginning to think Liz is some form of dark necromancer- every time I leave her alone with scraps of fabric and paper, creatures are staring at me when I return.

Hey, do you like stuff?  Because there’s a bunch of it down below.  We have a big grab-bag of news.  God damn the transitions, and away we go:

New Volume 3 review from a retired comic reviewer:

Said reviewer interviews Dave and Liz:

And while we‘re on the Interview Train:

The Last Mace figurine is available for sale here:

Liz just opened an etsy store featuring creatures and side-projects:

And the Prelude Collection Kickstarter has now *really* been successful, because the mail-a-thon is over.  The final update is here:

That means we’re free to start selling the Prelude Collection in our online store- the backers have been absolutely loving the quality of the final product, and they’re coming soon!

For now, I’ll close with an excerpt from our final Kickstarter update:

Crowd funding is the greatest thing since funding, period. Before, business investors would fund entertainment ventures for the purpose of getting money. Nothing evil about it, that’s simply the function of financial investing. Money is the point. That doesn't always yield the best quality in entertainment, to put it lightly. But now readers, fans, and viewers can fund entertainment ventures- for the sole purpose of generating high quality entertainment. For everyone involved, quality is the point.
 The horse is finally in front of the cart. And that’s how you get to see interesting new places. 

Now that we’re clear on the Kickstarter, it’s full speed ahead on the next graphic novel- I think we’re in for a fun year!

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