Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Digital Heaven

We're approaching the magical month of December - and you all know what that means...


No! Well, yes. But-

It's the 5-year anniversary of Volume 1's first printing! 8 D And there's a big, fun announcement to commemorate the occasion:

Graphicly. Dreamkeepers is on it.

If rainbows aren't currently shooting out of your eye sockets, then odds are you don't know what Graphicly is. Let's see... Does anyone remember my 2009 article,
where I was fantasizing about what the ultimate online comic venue might look like? Well, this appears to be it. It's basically taken our book downloads and put them on steroids. Steroids- take 'em, kids!

The Graphicly editions can be read on a dizzying array of devices - phones, tablets, desktops, you name it. They link in to facebook and twitter. They allow readers to rate their books, post reviews, and even leave panel-by-panel commentary for fellow readers to peruse. The reading format uses print-resolution graphics to facilitate panel-by-panel zooming. And perhaps best of all, the Graphicly format allows us to cram all kinds of special features into the digital books.

Liz and I recorded audio commentary tracks for the special-feature editions, included the original Volume 2 script, and I even dug deep and found some ANCIENT material back from before Volume 1 was published - deleted Volume 1 scenes. The deleted scenes had to be scanned in from some papers I dug up, the original files were lost a few years back. But they are finished, colored Dreamkeepers scenes.

We're really excited to have our books available in such a slick format - thanks again to everyone who has been reading & supporting us over the last 5 years. It's been very difficult, very fun, and I'm looking forward to presenting a lot more stuff over the next five!

...And speaking of new stuff, we are making headway on Volume 3- in fact, I graphed it. Check out some progress samples in our latest Sneak Peek:

Also, we're selling hats now. Um... Hats. Thought you'd want to know.

And for the last news tidbit: As people from July can attest, my reply lag in art accounts has been atrocious this year. I can kinda keep up with e-mails on roughly a monthly basis, but I'm really face-planting elsewhere. Because I'm beginning to grudgingly admit that I'm not all-powerful, and I can't accomplish everything everywhere at once, common sense is gradually seeping in to my decisions. So we've invited the Dreamkeepers staff to help us answer questions and reply to messages in the accounts. They know as much non-spoiler stuff about the series as me, so the only real difference will be questions getting answered faster for everyone.

Commission-wise, I'm currently working on Slot 3 for November. Last month's commission is finished and delivered, so watch for it to pop up in here as soon as I take some time out to post it.

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