Thursday, July 12, 2018

Q&A 9

35 What kind of ships does Anduruna have? Sailing or are they all spring powered? What's the largest they get? How far do they travel out?

I haven't developed much in the way of specific ships yet- Grunn's old ship is what we've seen the most of, and has an old spring-powered wheel system, in addition to sail rigging.   Some boats have spring powered props or water wheels, some use windmills to wind their springs, some use good old fashioned oars, and some would use pure sails.  Some, like Grunn's whaling ship, use a mix.   We're going to see more ships in more detail before too much longer.

31 Where do you guys get your inspiration for all the different stripper outfits and clothing?

Stripper clothing is easy, just subtract and you're done!  A lot of the more saucy outfits come from Whip's inspiration bin.  I like to make up variations on coats and other 'normal' clothing as well.  We've had a couple readers create real-world wardrobe accessories based on commissioned art.

33 How did the orphans feel about Paige, and how did they react to her death?

Paige was generally liked, and the orphans are feeling disconcerted about her death:
Their reactions are tempered by the fact that Randy is directly manipulating their impression of what happened, and instructing them what to think about it.  Plus they have no reason to believe they're immune from a similar fate.  Dealing with their own problems means ostentatious displays of grief are somewhat of a luxury.

32 We've seen the houses in Anduruna but with how diverse DKs are, i was wondering if there were some aquatic habitations, underground ones or

There are some underground habitations in Anduruna, especially in the mining areas and the foundations of the larger towers.  Some congested areas of the city built up and down at the same time. 

Underwater dwellings are possible elsewhere, but don't factor in to the general civic infrastructure of Anduruna.

23  How tall are or the characters in feet?

An old ref sheet provides the answer!

Newer references may have shifted the relative proportions of characters somewhat, but I think we can peg Tinsel at right around 6 feet for a solid reference point.

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