Thursday, June 21, 2018

Q&A Week 7

49 What usually happens to the dreamkeepers banished from Anduruna?
Details are Plot Vaulty, but many banished dreamkeepers simply vanish. It is speculated that they are seized and murdered by the notorious 'bandits.' There's a 'bandit' settlement to the north, consisting of expatriated Anduruna merchants. Many banished dreamkeepers try to reach that city, because contrary to the media accounts, black market trade with this settlement would seem to indicate that it's more of a viable settlement than some sort of cutthroat paradise.
Some Dreamkeepers try to strike out into the wilderness and form their own encampments, which have varying success. Encampments near Anduruna are generally reliant on runners doing trade within the city for their food supplies, and any that get too large break up due to logistical problems.

39 Is the power halo at all tangible? Does it output any heat?
Halos can feel different based on the power being channeled- but generally they feel cool and a bit tingly, like dipping into a pool of light.

35 So how would the others react to Mace being the best stripper around.
If Mace were endowed with masterful stripping skills (which is true only in his wildest imaginings) Bast would probably perform a nuclear facepalm and blow himself to smithereens. Lilith would be stuck between shock and curiosity, and Namah would likely burst out laughing. But Whip would simply look down on the efforts of an aspiring amateur.

30 Since June is gay pride month, are there any LGBTQ characters in dreamkeepers
Nobody in the Dreamkeepers series is gay for the reason of June being gay pride month. But some of the characters in the series are gay.

25 How was the name DreamKeepers conceived? Any story behind it?
The original card game / fantasy world David developed pre-college was titled "Realm," but that seemed a bit generic. During college a roommate kept having horrible nightmares, and mused that it sure would be nice if there was something to keep his dreams safe. This triggered research into dream lore, including Mesopotamian legends about literal dream guardians. If these guardians abandoned their human host, the person would go insane. This led to the name brainstorm of "Dreamkeepers," and the grains of the concept began to develop from there.

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