Monday, April 30, 2018


Thursday night chats have been off the hook lately!   More questions than I can possibly keep up with, and flinging by too fast for me to provide adequate answers.

Plus the same questions can recur week after week, and I waste precious precious seconds making up the same answer twice in one lifetime.


With so many questions, I want to give priority to the ones that interest more than one reader.  Time for- you guessed it:


No, this decision will not be put to a vote.

Starting this Thursday, I'll ask backers for questions, and let backers vote on their top five.  Then I'll answer five questions a week.  Only, like, really good. 

A side bonus- I can type the answers in advance and make blog posts, so the Children Of The Future can check on which questions have already been asked, and use their Highest Wisdom in submitting new ones.

So, we're starting now!  I'm not sure how many options I can add to these polls, so we'll start by opening question submissions for Commanding Vote backers. 

Add your idea here:

And tomorrow I'll put them to a vote for all backers.   Talk to you on Thursday. 


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