Saturday, March 10, 2018


First the bad:

Prelude will shift to an update schedule of every other week.

Technically we should have done this a year ago.

Weekly Prelude was a reward promised for the "Full Time" production milestone on Patreon, which hasn't been unlocked.  We made weekly updates because we loved the story so much, and we could pull it off.

But Skirmish manufacturing costs are exceeding my estimates, so we can't maintain weekly Prelude until it's actually funded by Patreon.

If you value good original content every week, and you're not a backer, consider joining the best readers on earth and tossing us a buck.

Especially in light of the good news:

"Dreamkeepers Volume 5: Assassin's Flaw" is coming.

Online updates begin next month.

I'm bursting with excitement to start showing what happens next.

The release date for the first page of "Chapter 13- Fault Lines," is April 4th, exclusively for backers.

Mark your calendar!  In addition to daily art and other content, backers will be getting Volume 5, Chapter 13 updates starting April 4th.

If you're not a backer yet, all it takes is a single dollar bill every month.  If that's a bit too much, you may find a 12 year old cousin somewhere willing to spot you.

The Undisputed Gateway Furry Saga is about to depict things we've never been before.  Thanks to the backers for making it possible.  I'll be sharing all of Chapter 13 with the backers in advance of the Volume 5 hard copy release date.

When the entire book is done (Chapters 13, 14, 15), there will be a Kickstarter to produce hardcovers.

Quick news roundup while I'm posting a journal:

CouchCon 2018 is still coming!  It will line up with the False Start Kickstarter debut, dates TBA.
Faction War testing is yielding massive improvements to the roleplay system- the test is wrapping up soon, bringing us closer to a public release.
Skirmish is on the verge of manufacturing- I just need those darn box art templates!  Then production will be underway.  And though expensive, the game is looking sharp as hell.
Firebrat colors are coming along swimmingly.
Wayward Astronomer and a host of other Dreamkeepers content has been nominated for the Ursa Major Awards- you can only vote during March.
We'll be at Motor City Furry Con this year, as well as Anthrocon.
And because I need to relax occasionally,
new Big Geeky Couch episodes are coming.

Thanks for reading, let's aim for Full Time production so we can all read more.

-Dave & Liz

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