Monday, January 29, 2018

Volume 5 Ch. 13 Pencils: DONE

Milestone announcement- Chapter 13 lineart is done! Through page 51, whew.

If you're a backer, catch this update with some sneak peek art included:

Time to shade. I'm going to finish the colors for Chapter 13 next- and once I have enough of a backlog, backers will start getting insider updates.

Probably within the next two months- And we'll have some other fun in the meanwhile.

In other news:

SKIRMISH foil vs metallic ink is in the works, and on the verge of production.

The Faction War test game continues, now with an upgraded inventory system.

CouchCon 2018 will arrive this spring, with Boneitis as the Guest of Honor.

Star Wars releases new merch, and Prelude updates every week.

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